About Comm-Core

Comm-Core is a single-source, cloud-based business solutions provider specializing in VoIP telecommunications and IP-based surveillance & security. 

We began as pioneers in IP voice and data solutions. In the years to follow, we built around the Cloud, bolstering our service with an entire line of complimentary solutions. Today, resulting from our storied history and experience comes a carefully crafted, fully integrated solutions model that sets the standard for cloud-based business technologies. Comm-Core’s leading-edge solutions with competitive pricing empower today’s cost-conscious, results-driven, and value-oriented organizations.

Founded in 1962, Comm-core has evolved from an office products supply store to a leading innovator behind IP-Based, hosted solutions. Leveraging our strengths in VoIP telecommunications, we've taken the same knowledge and expertise and applied it to the security and surveillance markets. The result has been a hosted video surveillance solution that's leaner, higher quality and costs less to operate than competing products. Comm-Core Surveillance offers 24/7 live video monitoring, two-way audio communication, and over 25 business and analytical features. With our innovations in cloud technologies, coupled with our exceptional service, we’re literally changing the face of video surveillance.